A new day

It’s a new kind of day in the furniture industry.  You are dealing with savvy customers who are wanting the best quality furniture for the best possible price.  Money continues to be tight and people need a real reason to let it out of their wallets.  As a furniture store owner, what are you doing to increase business, build trust with your customers and set yourself apart from the rest?

If you aren’t engaging in sales events and marketing, you are missing the boat.  Furniture stores who want to stay in business,  must be competitive and aggressive.  The times have changed since the start of the big recession 4 years ago.   At High Impact Furniture Sales, we are all about keeping you in business.

Here on our blog, you will find some great information to help you get started in turning your sales force and your furniture store around into the ‘big profit’ zone.

Join us Mondays, here at the blog where we will offer a weekly segment called ‘The Manager’s corner’  Here we will discuss all sorts of great ideas to increase the productivity of your sales team.  Wednesdays, will be full of High Impact Selling Tips and Fridays we will host guest bloggers, design trends, you tube videos and other resources pertaining to the furniture industry.

We looking forward to seeing you here each and every week to glean from our informative articles.  If you would like to take your company into the ‘profit zone’ then give us a call, let us organize an event for you today!

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