Are internet search engines replacing the Yellow Pages?

I was talking with one of my clients the other day and he was lamenting the changes in his business. He said “it used to be that I placed an ad in the yellow pages and the phone would ring off the hook. Now the phone doesn’t even ring anymore.” He can’t quite grasp the profound changes that are taking place. Grant it, he is in his late 50’s but he is still technically savvy. So my big question is this; why does his website stink? It is horrible. There is no effort to update it at all and there is no plan for Search Engine Optimization.

It seems that everyone is turning to search engines for quick and easy information whether it is via a smart phone, tablet or desktop. We have to view the internet as the new yellow pages. Every business must put their best foot forward online.
You know it’s time to change when my 80 year old father can’t find his yellow pages, but he sure knows where Google is.

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