Concessions, Commitments…

A concession on your part = A commitment on their part

If you give your furniture customers an inch, they will take a mile!  Don’t believe me?  Think back to the last time you heard “is that your best price?” What follows?  “Can you throw in delivery?”  And then “no wait, you never said I had to pay sales tax.”  Remember, this is the nice customer that covers all the points for you.  The not nice customer assumes all these freebies and hits your person at the counter; you have to be called from another customer, and try to save the sale.

What to do?  One concession on your part equals a commitment on the customers part.  For example, “is that your best price?”  Wow, that’s my best price for sure, but my manager (they) might go a little lower (the concession) if you are going to buy right now (the commitment).

The Keys

  • The sales person does not make the concession the management does
  • You establish a conditional relationship
  • Every concession on the stores part requires a commitment on the customers part

The beauty for the sales person is he does not create an adversarial relationship, it is a collaborative relationship.  And that is something to leverage!

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