Don’t let a sorry clown crash your next promotion!!

How many times have you or your store run “the best promotion ever” and gotten poor customer comments? Well, if you didn’t meet the customer’s expectations, it’s like inviting this crazy clown to your birthday party. How so? If you don’t have positive in-store energy then it’s like receiving a great birthday party invitation just to show up and find no decorations, no cake, no party favors, and seeing an angry clown in the corner demanding your present. Here are 3 tips for a great in-store promotions.

  • This is NOT business as usual. Make your store look different. Use different colors, change in-store signage, and reset the floor. Have your customers say “wow, this is a different store.”
  • Go overboard on the decorations. Think of your kid’s special birthday party. Have banners, pendants, and balloons. Make it look really fun.
  • Have special, hand written tags. Your customers must see something different. Hand write big prices. Show huge savings.

Don’t have a led balloon as your next promotion, and whatever you do, don’t hire this guy as your clown.

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