Every army needs a General

     I was on thephone conducting manager’s training with a very established store, over 100years old, with very established sales team, some for over 30 years on thejob.  The manager said everyone’s salesare up this month except for the most experienced salesman.  He simply refuses to change his behavior. 

    The dynamicof the floor is beginning to change.  Hewas the top producer and had immense influence over the other salespeople.  He could bully his way.  Now the manager is beginning to control thefloor and hold salespeople accountable. As a result, sales are going up over all.  The sales manager is now beginning to managethe sales process instead of top producers calling the shots.  As a result, top producers are no longer alaw unto themselves but they have to follow the rules.  When the army has a general or the salesfloor has a manager, the following happens

·        Moraleincreases as infighting decreases

·        Salespeopleburn less ups because they have to account to the floor manager

·        Theproduction of the sales team is more evenly spread out

·        Thestore is in more control because decisions are made by the manager

·        Marginsincrease because customers are being worked harder

      An armywithout a general is just a group of thugs. Sales floors need strong managers who are the generals of the floor.  They know each deal that is going down, theybump unattended customers, they coach salespeople, and they make decisions withthe stores best interest at heart.  I canguarantee any store their sales will increase by 20% if they will properly usetheir sales manager.  A sales manager isa terrible thing to waste.

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