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How hard can it really be to sell furniture?  A distinguished, mature woman enters your furniture store looking for a sofa.  This is no challenge, you are one of the best furniture salesmen and Salesman of the Year is just beyond your grasp, so close.   You think to yourself, “I got this!” and go in for the close.  Maybe…but how well do you know the 50 something woman today?  How well do you know the trends in furniture and lifestyle?

Gone is the life of leisure for most of us.  The recession changed the landscape of our lives.  People are busy, busy working, not playing.  They are trying to repair their scratched and dented retirement funds and get their financial train back on track. 

A furniture salesman today needs to be educated and intuitive.  They need to be aware of their client’s needs and make no assumptions.  You aren’t just selling sofas and tables, you are selling much more than that.  The homes in which we live all tell a story.  They reflect to the world where we have been and where we are going.  They tell the tale of the struggles and trimphs.  It’s not just a sofa, it will hold some of the greatest family memories. 

It’s time to be take it up a notch, polish those sales skills with the campanion of knowledge in good design, function and the lifestyle trends in the world around us.  Join High Impact Furniture Sales, right here each week as we explore the world of design.  This knowledge will help you become the most effective salesman and complement your already stellar personality.  It will set your furniture store apart from the average and mundane and make you great!

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