How did that feature benefit me?

I will tell you how a feature in a mattress benefited me in a sale a few years ago.  In fact, it got me the sale.  I lady with her husband and two other kids came into a store where we were hosting a promotion.  Her third child was due anytime.  She looked completely exhausted and was looking for a mattress.  Great, I thought.  Anything will feel good to her.  Her budget was 600.00 dollars.  But, nothing felt good that was anywhere near her price range.

I then made a bold move. I walked her over to the 3,000.00 dollar mattress and had her lay down.  ‘Wow, this feels great” she said.  “Can you feel me bouncing on the other side?” I asked her.  I then explained to her about how the spring system deadens the movement and emphasized to her how she could sleep undisturbed.  Her reaction?  Sold!! She explained to me that she had not gotten a good night’s sleep for months because of her husband sitting on the bed side and putting on his boots at 3:30 am to milk the cows.  “I haven’t been able to sleep for months and I can’t take to anymore.”

The feature of no motion transfer in the mattress resulting in benefiting her sleep overcame the price of 3,000.00 dollars.  She later told me that she was getting to the point where she would pay anything for sleep.  That experience taught me that customers really will pay for the right benefit.  You just have to listen.

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