How Should I Pop The Question? Part 2

This is abig question for any furniture salesperson.  Howshould I pop the question?  What questionyou may ask?  Are you buying today?  This question can be asked in many differentways.  Directly or indirectly. 

“Are youlooking to buy this mattress today?  Ifwe can do something right now, my manager may be able to give us a better price.”- Question asked directly.  “How are youthinking about paying for this beautifully sectional?” – Question askedindirectly.  Or better yet, “I know youwant to get a good night’s sleep as soon as possible, so let’s go up front andget it done. “– Assumption of the sale. 

Either wayis good, just find out which way is best by reading your customer.  To put it into biblical terms, “ask and youshall receive.”  Just remember, you haveto ask first. 
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