Lead By Example 1: Be Authentic

Lead by example principle #1- Be authentic

Can you spot a fake?  An aspiring, let’s say, businessman walked into a store I was working with in Los Angeles trying to sell Rolex watches for $100.00 dollars each.  I didn’t have to be a jeweler to recognize a fake.  Question, how often does a leader pose as someone he or she is not, as a fake?  This makes me ask “can one honestly and successfully reinvent one’s self?”  I guess the answer is yes and no.

No if one tries to assume skills or roles that that are not one’s own.  Yes if that same person deeply examines their background, experiences, and hidden talents and leverages these unique skills, experiences, and qualities in a new way applied to a given set of circumstances.

Everyone is uniquely their own and can contribute in a way no one else can.  Today let’s pause, inner examine, and evaluate the good and bad that we see in each of us.  Next, make a list to see externally  what each one of us has uniquely experienced and developed that we can leverage.  Then we will be ready for the next step of leadership under the first principle lead by example; how do we perceive and then deal with failure?


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