Lead By Example 2: Deal With Failure

Lead by example principle #2- Deal with failure

Baseball was my love as a young boy.  I was going to the major leagues, no doubt.  As a 15 year old, the St. Louise Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Socks, Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Francisco Giants were all talking about the draft at the end of high school.  I elected to go to college on an athletic scholarship and enter the draft in my junior year of college.  As it happens, an injury ended my carrier.

Did I waste my childhood on endless hours of practice and games?  Was I a failure because I didn’t make it into the big leagues?   Of course not!  Anyone will point out that the positives out way the negatives.   Look at all the character building experiences, lesson learned in team work, and benefits of competition.  The list goes on and on.

This story gets to the very heart of second principle of leading by example.  How do you deal with failure?  Are you a looser when you fail?  Failure is the initial result of effort.  However, the fruit of sustained effort is success.  Three ideas to help us capitalize on failure are

  • Admit to ourselves and others when we have failed
  • Analyze the nature and conditions of our failures
  • Realize that failure is not an end but is a beginning.   Within failure are the seeds  of success

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do.  Not because the nature of the think has changed, but our ability to do it has increased.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson


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