Learn how to lead and bring out the best in your sales team

How can a sales manager bring out the best in his sales team?  The answer to this question may be different to may but it is critical to all.  As I travel and consult with many stores throughout the country, I have seen some common themes.  Here are just three observations.

  • Be a giver not a taker. Weather it is praise or compensation, give don’t take.  A sales lady left for lunch and I covered for her last Friday.  I wrote 3 tickets for $4,000.00 dollars and put it into her name.  She was blown away!  That was not their sales culture.  Guess who gave 100% that weekend.
  • Lead by example. You should be the first to show up and be the last to leave.  As a sales manager, your motto should be “do what I do, and do what a say.”
  • Be the smartest on your floor. Know your product lines inside and out.  Know the upcoming advertising.  Be the one who they come to for answers.  Why?  Because knowledge is power.

These three simple qualities can unite a sales floor and keep the best people in your company.


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