Truth or Dare

It’s a funny thing that happens when you tell thetruth.  People tend to believe you.  Can you see the importance of truth tellingwhen your furniture store promotes or hosts a special event?  Believe me when I tell you, I have had a clientwho wanted to retire Bob who had been with their business for 7 years.  But, to tell the truth it was really 35years, dog years that is, because Bob was their dog!

The worst thing you can do is make up some false reason todo a promotional event.  It’s simply notbelievable.  The truth always paysoff.  Here are some helpful hints fortruthful promotions

·        Be realistic as you analyze your currentsituation

·        Get advice or a fresh set of eyes andcome up with a compelling story

·        Attach urgency to your story.  It won’t be this way forever

Facts tell but stories sell, and remember that truthfulstories sell the best.  For any help,feel free to contact us.

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