When Should I Pop the Question? Part 1

What a bigquestion this is, especially on Valentine’s Day!  When should I pop the question? Asking thecustomer to buy, that is.  Buyingfurniture and romance are very similar in this aspect.  Timing is the key. 

Buildingtrust, developing rapport, putting the time and effort into the relationship areall very important, but when that moment comes and the mood has been created,timing is the key.  You wait for just theright moment.

Here aresome helpful hints when the time is right to ask for the sale

     ·       Setthe stage. Create a buying environment within your store

·       Sellthem something first.  You want them towant it

·       Askfor the sale.  Remember, ask and youshall receive

It all comesdown to timing.  Read the customer; watchthe buying signals when it’s time to ask for the sale.  Ask; you may not get another chance. 
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