Defend your price

Defend your price, because no one else will

Building value, explaining why something costs so much, defends its price.  Most customers are not as smart as we think they are.  We give them too much credit.  When a customer beats your price down, counter with explaining why it is worth every penny.  This is called the selling process.

Most customers don’t know an item’s true value.  They can come to an idea by comparison shopping, but they don’t know the significance of fabric grate, finishing process, or cushion cores.  You, the sales person, has to teach them.  This is called educated selling.  You can say “oh, I understand why you think that, but let me show you…”.  Here is the sales process for building value

  • First, be in control of the sales process.  You control the customer
  • Second, enthusiastically and passionately explain the features and benefits of the product from top to bottom
  • Third, explain things in an educational tone not in a defensive tone.  And then ask for the sale

This is where the selling process begins and ends.  This is where the rubber meets the road. The great secrete is this- Your customers want to be sold! Really.